Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Animal Heroes: True Rescue Stories

Sandra Markle has created a truly remarkable book in Animal Heroes: True Rescue Stories. I looked at it over and over again, not only for the amazing animal stories that grace the pages, but also for the fabulous photographs that give true justice to the wonderful animals and their owners. I am very passionate about animal rights, especially for animals deemed "unwanted" by a large portion of a population and books such as this really tug on my heart strings!

Readers are able to learn about an amazing gorilla that protected a toddler that had fallen into her cage from other gorillas until zoo keepers could remove the child from harm and a monkey that has been trained to assist his quadriplegic owner. My favorite was probably the story of the rescue dogs trained to find people in natural disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, etc. Dogs have my heart. :). These animals are truly remarkable beings and having such a wide array of unique stories in one volume is a huge plus.

Markle is an award winning author and Animal Heroes shows her at her best. The photographs are striking and beautiful, full of bold color and really focusing on the animals. So many times animals and their heroic acts are glanced over in favor of the human that was in harm's way, but I was pleasantly surprised to see what a wonderful job was done in honoring the true heroes.

Great for all shelves, home, library, school, etc. Also great for animal reports or just plain "fun" reading!

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Animal Heroes: True Rescue Stories
Sandra Markle

Middle Grade Non-Fiction
Millbrook Press

September 2008

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Marcia said...

Thanks for this review. I am an ESL teacher, and constantly looking for books that are easy to read, but suitable for adults. This sounds great for English learners of any age.

Marcia Calhoun Forecki
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