Friday, January 30, 2009

Elephant & Piggie books

I don't think I have ever written about these particular Mo Willems delights and though I'm sure most of you know about them, I can't help but want to spread the word to those that don't. Wonderful sarcasm and irony fill the pages of these simply illustrated easy readers that just fly off the shelves at the library.

I Love My New Toy! shows the events that occur between Elephant and Piggie when Piggie gets a new toy and her friend breaks it. A complete accident of course, but Piggie is NOT happy. This one even had my husband cracking up...and he is just not into kid's lit like we all are!

Are You Ready to Play Outside? is adorable, showing the pair wanting to do everything they can in a day, but when it starts to rain their plans are dampened (pun intended). When they see worms having a blast in the rain, they decide they just might be able to enjoy themselves in the downpour too.

I Will Surprise My Friend! is totally giggle worthy! The expressions drawn on Elephant and Piggie's faces when they are trying to make a game out of surprising each other are just fantastic. When the pair can't seem to find each other, they each start to get worried...about very different things.

I Will Surprise My Friend!, Are You Ready to Play Outside?, and I Love My New Toy! are all fantastic read alouds, especially if you're good at conveying the sarcasm that proves obvious to adults, but sometimes not so obvious to children. Just like in Willem's famous Pigeon books (ohhhh how I love the Pigeon books), sometimes the lines just are not nearly as funny to kids as they are to us, but if you can read them just right, your kids will be as obsessed as we are!

And the Pigeon making an appearance on the inside back cover of each book? Genius. I love this author and I love the Elephant & Piggie books!

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Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

And I love your blog!


Clair said...

My students love these books, too. There is a new one that you didn't mention on your blog about playing out in the rain.