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I fell in love with Inkheart over two years ago, after I had devoured The Thief Lord and needed more, more, more of Cornelia Funke. I was enchanted and amazed and in love with that humongous book. The I read the sequel, Inkspell, and was a bit less enchanted. Still, it was wonderful and the characters are so colorful and the scenery so beautiful. Now, I've finally gotten my hands on the eagerly anticipated final book in the trilogy, Inkdeath....and I was oh-so-disappointed. I started "reading" it via an audiobook while I exercised at night and halfway through I had to stop and switch to the print book. I was so confused all the time, constantly having to rewind and listen again...SO bummed.

Inkdeath picks up right where Inkspell has left off. We get roughly 100 pages of backstory (though an index in the back is still needed to explain over 100 characters and their purpose in the plot), and then are led back into the Inkworld where dark magic has taken over. Fenoglio can no longer write, only drink, Orpheous has the biggest ego ever and has taken Fenoglio's words and begun twisting them to make the story his own, with often disasterous results. Mo (or the Blue Jay) has it in his mind to kill the Adderhead with Violante's assitance, but is either in a castle dungeon or somewhere else completely unlucky through the most of the book. Meggie can't decide if she is in love with Farid or just the idea of love and Farid can't decide if he cares more about Meggie or Dustfinger. And Resa and Mo are about to have another child, but poor Resa is more focused on keeping her husband safe and out of the Adderhead's hands and Elinor and Darius come back into the Inkworld and...and...and...


Unfortunately, the pages in Inkdeath are muddled with characters and the secondary names characters are called (I swear every single character goes by two names...sometimes three!). If there wasn't an index, I would be lost. Breaking Dawn anyone? I can't imagine how a 12 year old would feel, taking on this enormous book, though that is exactly the age bracket this series is targeted to. There is just not nearly the amount of action as in the previous two novels, and the end was more than a bit disappointing for the completion of a trilogy.

The story-telling is still completely magical, Cornelia Funke truly has a gift and I really hope she continues writing books for kids. Inkheart and The Thief Lord are still two of my favorites, Inkdeath just fell short for me.

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Cornelia Funke
Middle Grade Fiction
September 2008


J. Kaye said...

Oh booger! I had no idea this book was so long. I've signed up for the challenge, so I am going with audio. With so many books to read, I go with as many audios as possible.

Serena said...

My first experience with Inkheart was the movie, which made me interested in the book! Now I'm wondering if I should bother starting with the books.

Amanda said...

The books are worth it, just time consuming!

Jen Robinson said...

I loved the series overall. But I was also disappointed by Inkdeath. My problem with it was that Meggie is essentially passive through large chunks of the book. I mean... it's a children's book. Yet the adult characters get to take all of the action. But, like you, I still love Cornelia Funke's writing, and the inkworld, and will look forward to her future books.

KT said...

I really loved Inkheart and was disappointed with the sequels as well. I do love Funke's writing though and look forward to more. Good review.

Meg89 said...

I've heard a lot about Inkheart, but this is the first review I've read for the later books. I hate starting a series before several, if not all of the books are out for two reasons:

1. I hate cliffhangers--generally, I'm pretty patient, but this the exception.

2. Once I get hooked, I'm hooked, and some series drop off in quality after the first book and I find myself wading through dismal plot and writing to solve my first problem of not liking cliffhangers.

So, that was a roundabout way to say I think Inkheart goes to the bottom of the TBR pile. Maybe I'll catch the movie.

Anna said...

I'm sorry to hear the second and third books were disappointing. I just saw the movie with Serena and my daughter, which prompted me to buy the books for me and my daughter to share. Well, I'll still give them a go. Thanks for the honest review!

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