Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mid-week Non-Fiction and some thoughts on Bearport

I've written about Bearport books before, typically just a single title at a time for Non-Fiction Mondays, but they've been raved about. I love this publishing company. They produce the most well-bound books I have ever seen, having watched them come back from being checked out at the library dozens of times and still looking the same as they did when they were placed on the shelf for the first time. And the books are all worth keeping around for as long as they'll last. Their content is informative, yet simple enough for younger children to grasp onto and the books are on such a wide variety of topics, some of the subjects being completely unique (at least in my experience). And the pictures...oh the pictures! I am always happy after having read and reviewed a Bearport Publishing book. Buy these for your library, you will not be disappointed.

I have four Bearport books to chat about today, just random titles from my shelves that I thought would be of interest. Hopefully you'll see something you like!

Platypus: A Century-long Mystery by William Caper and Arctic Fox: Very Cool! by Stephen Person are two titles from the "Uncommon Animals" series. Beautiful photos and maps fill the pages, accompanied by text that has bolded words throughout. Those bolded words can then be found in the glossary in the back. Did you know that the platypus is a mammal that lays eggs? Or that the arctic fox mates for life?

Also included in that series are titles on the Tasmanian Devil, the Fossa, the Aye-Aye, and the Weddell Seal. What in the world is a Fossa? Can someone share?

Deadly Poison Dart Frogs by Jennifer Dussling and Smelly Skunks by Catherine Nichols are two titles in the "Gross-Out Defenses" series....which is bound to be incredibly popular. What kid do you know that doesn't absolutely love all things gross?

Again, beautiful photographs accompany short, simple facts about each animal, with maps, a glossary, and an index. Did you know that a skunk can spray up to 15 feet (yikes)? Or the poison dart frog has enough poison in it's body to kill 20,000 mice...or 10 adults?

This series is great for beginner non-fiction. They're only about 24 pages long, with more pictures than text and the text that is included is presented in short, concise sentences. These would be awesome for the younger crowd interested in cool animals.

Other titles in this series include Disgusting Hagfish, Bloody Horned Lizards, Prickly Porcupines, and Tricky Opossums.

I'm always impressed with Bearport books and these are just a few that I had to talk about it. I'm sure you'll be seeing more on this blog in the future and if you do have a say at your local library (or you're the librarian), you'll want to check out these books to order. They have a lot of unique animal titles, some awesome dinosaur books, and lots of dog books! We know how I feel about the dog books!

To learn more or to purchase, click on any of the book covers above to link to Amazon or click here to link to the Bearport Publishing website.

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Staci said...

I buy a lot of my library books from Perma-Bound because they replace with no questions asked. My library is a middle school and the books do take a beating. Thanks for this link, I'm going to look into it!!