Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Most people would think Zara is one strange girl. She collects phobias, knowing what practically ever phobia ever named is. Were you aware that Arachibutyrophobia is the fear that you will "have peanut butter stickage on the roof of your mouth? (1)" I mean, really, who knows that?! Apparently Zara, the main character of Need, does.

Her stepfather has just passed away and her mother believes that Zara would be better off living in Maine with her grandmother, rather than staying at home where Zara feels she belongs. At first completely adverse to the idea, Zara finally gives in, just wanting to make her mother happy, thinking depression has overtaken the woman's life.

After she is shipped off the the freezing cold land of Maine, Zara realizes she's been seeing a man everywhere, in the most random of places and always the same man. She saw him at home, she sees him in Maine. She is beginning to get a tad bit freaked out (I mean, seriously, who wouldn't), especially because the guy seems to leave a small trail of gold dust wherever he is. Uh. Weird.

With the help of some new friends, Zara starts to learn about the world of pixies. Not the nice, friendly, sweet pixies we all know of from fairy tales, but rather angry, evil, murderous pixies that Zara now believes wants her for something. The needs of these pixies are uncontrollable and both Zara and her friends think she is in mortal danger, forcing them all to do research to find out how to fight off the advances of the pixies...and survive.

Fans of Stephanie Meyer and Melissa Marr are going to scramble to get copies of this new paranormal thriller by Carrie Jones. Though I had a really hard time believing what the author was trying to sell me, there was so much suspense I could not stop turning the pages. Action packed doesn't describe and it's even completely and totally creepy at times.

As I mentioned, Jones had a hard time selling me on Zara's feelings about pixies and the fact that they are "real" in the story. Stephanie Meyer seemlessly weaves vampires and werewolves into her books, but the beginning of Need is a little rough. I don't buy the pixie thing. As the chapters go by, that aspect gets better and I'm more and more impressed.

The thing about wearing your clothes inside out to ward off pixies though? Still don't buy that.

Overall, this was good. I loved the concept and loved the suspense. The cover is great (though I only have an ARC, I'm not sure of the final cover) and I really think this is going to be a huge hit with the teens that love their paranormal/supernatural/fantasy books. I would definitely recommend this as a purchase or library shelves.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the above book cover to link to Amazon.

Need Carrie Jones 320pages Young Adult Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 9781599903385 January 2009


Lisa said...

I'm a big fan of urban fantasy, but you have to be in the mindset that that stuff is REAL. And then the author has to successfully pull it off which doesn't always work.

I love that you put the book info at the bottom of your post. I might steal that idea, if you don't mind?

J. Kaye said...

Your blog is becoming dangerous for me. I can't possible add this to my pile and yet what's the first thing I do? See if I can find a copy at our library...ugh!

Amanda said...

Go for it Lisa, steal away!

J. Kaye, add it to the pile, you know you want to!

J. Kaye said...

Well, you know, I do have the 999 Paranormal Challenge and I think this would fit...lol!