Friday, January 30, 2009

Peace, Locomotion

A few years ago, the always wonderful and inspirational Jacqueline Woodson came out with her book, Locomotion, the story of a young boy dealing with losing his parents, being new to foster care, and being separated from his sister, through the writing of poetry. This follow-up entitled Peace, Locomotion continues the story of Lonnie and his sister, though this time through Lonnie's letters to Lili.

Lonnie is now twelve and has started getting used to living with Miss Edna, enjoying his time in her home and in having two older brothers. His younger sister Lili is still living across town in a different foster home, causing Lonnie to decide to write down all the events in their lives, so when they're together again, they can have an account of of their time apart.

Through his letters we learn that Lonnie's foster brother is serving in the war in the Middle East and has been declared missing. The word "peace" begins to take on a whole new meaning to Lonnie, at first simply being a manner of saying goodbye to Lili in his letters, now becoming an incredibly important part of his life. He begins to want peace in regards to the war, and also peace within himself as memories of his family together continue to linger and cause contant heartache.

Another beautifully written story by Woodson. The cover is lovely and conveys the title perfectly. Lonnie's letters are written with the mind of a child, yet show the maturity Lonnie has been forced to exhibit because of his situation. The love for his sister is glowing throughout each letter and the touching accounts of their visits together are beautiful.

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Peace, Locomotion
Jacqueline Woodson
Juvenile Fiction
Putnam Juvenile
January 2009

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