Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

This week is three random selections from my TBR shelf. No pattern today!

Can Anybody Hear Me? written and illustrated by Jessica Meserve, is a straight-to-the-point book about a young lad whose family just won't listen to him. His entire family is incredibly noisy, boisterous, and outgoing and poor Jack is just the opposite. He likes to be quiet and living with the family he does, that means he often isn't heard.

When all Jack wants is to share with his family that he plans to climb to the very top of a mountain, no one can hear him, they simply shout the answers they think he wants to hear. When Jack gets lost on his journey up the mountain, he's scared that no one knew where he was because they didn't listen to him. Once he is returned home safely, he finally builds up the courage to speak up and tell the family what's on his mind.

No beating around the bush here. Can Anybody Hear Me? is great for those shyer children that just don't speak up or for a simple, sweet read aloud.

Can Anybody Hear Me?
Jessica Meserve
Picture Book
Clarion Books
September 2008

Doctor Meow's Big Emergency, written and illustrated by Sam Lloyd, is part of the Whoops-a-Daisy World series, each of which features a different character within a small town (very similar to the Richard Scarry books). This title focuses on Doctor Meow at the Kiss-it-Better Hospital and her mission to help Tom Cat who has hurt his leg. We get a glimpse inside the hospital, the map of the ambulance ride, and the help given to Tom Cat. All done with huge, bright, illustrations with a very "retro" feel.

I really think kids will love participating in reading a series, even at a young age, and picking up on characters featured in other titles. I was a huge fan of the Richard Scarry series when I was younger and collected all the books and can definitely see this series being just as successful. The story is simple enough for little ones to follow, the illustrations are perfect for the story, and the hospital experience is one every kid can stand to read about.

Doctor Meow's
Big Emergency

Sam Lloyd

Picture Book

Henry Holt

September 2008


Finally, a title I've been hearing a lot about these last couple weeks is The Tale of Two Mice: A Cat-and-Mouse Tale, written and illustrated by Ruth Brown. Part adorable story, part lift-the-flap, I can see why so many say this is a kid pleaser!

The reader is initially introduced to Billy and Bo, two mice living behind a baseboard in a huge old house. When the brothers run out of food, they have to go on an adventure through the house to stock back up on supplies. Billy is concerned they are being followed by an unwanted guest, but Bo just thinks Billy is crazy, seeing things where there is nothing. The end result is hilarious and will have kids giggling all over the place.

The lift-the-flaps are not so numerous that this couldn't be a good read aloud title, I would definitely recommend for story times. Kids love being in on the joke! Very funny, cute, and sweetly illustrated.

A Tale of Two Mice
Ruth Brown


Picture Book


December 2008


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