Friday, January 16, 2009

Poetry Friday: Winter Trees

Winter Trees is a beautifully presented book, written by Carole Gerber and illustrated by Leslie Evans. Filled with a lovely poem, featuring a quaint concept, and of course a cute dog and his boy, this title is great for reading while snuggled up with the little ones and letting the snow come on down outside.

A boy and his dog take a simple walk through the wood, learning about different trees as they crunch through the snow.

"The sugar maple's bark is gray. It's twigs are brown. It's buds are stout, with clawlike tips that in the spring will burst to shoot new green leaves out." (10)

Beech trees provide the perfect supplies for creating a snowman and the tall, yellow poplars are great for feeding the deer, looking for food during the winter.

The book reads like one big poem, with each page being it's own stanza. The last page describes each tree mentioned with greater detail, allowing for learning to take place during the reading of the book as well.

A very quiet, peaceful book is really what Winter Trees is, giving parents/librarians a nice setup to make a winter project or teach about different trees found in the forest. After reading, take the kids for a nature walk and have them participate in the same activities the boy and his dog did...make snow angels and snowmen, gather pine cones and maple syrup, or just look for animal tracks.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

Winter Trees
Carole Gerber
Charlesbridge Publishing
June 2008


Rebecca said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. You write very lovely reviews.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was a pre-kindergarten teacher (I had to resign due to poor health). This book would definitely been a pick for me to read to my class. I loved reading new books to them and the children always gobbled them up like chocolate treats. I imagine we would have followed this book up with a walk around our school, looking at the various trees and seeing if we could locate them in the book. We often did this with leaves in the fall, matching types and colors. What a great book for children.

Kelly said...

I'm surrounded by a winter wonderland forest. I am going to check that book out to share with my kids!

Cloudscome said...

This looks delightful! I am going to look for it.