Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cybils Winners!!!

My husband, the ever-worsening dork that loves me SO much, played announcer for me with the Cybils Awards this morning. He knew I was excited so he pulled up the site and proceeded to introduce each award in a nice baritone announcer voice "The 2009 Cybil Award winner for.... IS...." Oh such fun, such fun!

I am incredibly happy with the outcome of the awards, those judges did a very nice job! And though I'm biased, I was thrilled with the outcome for the YA category, for which I was a panelist. The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks came out on top, as I felt was really deserved! I was also really happy with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category, for The Hunger Games and The Graveyard Book won for their age groups, very deservingly. Oh and Mr. Mo Willems pulled out the win for Easy Reader, can't say I'm surprised about that!

Read about all winners here.

I can't wait until it's time to do it allllll over again. I had a lot of fun! Thanks judges!


Jen Robinson said...

That is priceless, Amanda (your husband reading you the winners). He is definitely a keeper.

Charlotte said...

I haven't read Frankie yet, but I'm looking forward to her!