Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Fair Godmother

Phew. My Fair Godmother, written by Janette Rallison, has a TON going on. Fairy godmothers, lepruchans, two sisters fighting over a boy, one being sent back in time to become two different fairy tale princesses, another boy coming into the's a lot to handle, but a lot of fun at the same time.

Chrysanthemum Everstar is Savannah Delano's fairy godmother. Or shall we call her the fair godmother? She isn't very good at her job.... after Savannah's boyfriend is stolen by her older sister Jane, right before the prom, all she wants is to have that prince waiting for her at the ball like in the fairy tale. Her fair godmother makes good on that wish, literally, and sends Savannah back in time to the middle ages, turning her into Cinderella. Once Savannah finally works her way out of that bind, she changes her wish just a tad, but ends up back in time again, this time as Snow White.

As Savannah and her classmate (and new love interest...?) Tristan, fight to make their way back to their future, all while staying alive in a world filled with people wanting to harm them, they learn more about fairy tales than they ever wanted to know, proving to themselves that wishing for fairy tale endings is not always a good idea.

I had a couple of "issues" of this book, though I did have a lot of fun reading it. First, the cover features Chrissy, the "fair" Godmother, and she has a few pages devoted to her in the very beginning of the book, but she is a very, very minor character. I felt Chrissy deserved a lot more page time, as she was hilarious when she did make an appearance. I do understand she is only meant to be the cause of the anguish for Savannah, but both the cover and the beginning of the story are teasers to having more of Chrissy's silliness than we have.

The transitioning was a bit strange at times too, going from Chrissy not being able to decide whether Savannah or Jane were her true subjects to it being obvious that it was meant to be Savannah, to Jane taking her sister's boyfriend, to Savannah becoming Cinderella. If those transitions were slowed down a bit and maybe some excess dialogue/descriptions in the end part of the book were cut down, I would have been a bit more pleased.

My final issue is with the ARC listing this as middle grade fiction, but the main characters are sixteen and seventeen, planning for the prom. I would classify it as young adult, rather than middle grade.

Overall, even with the few flaws that I found, My Fair Godmother was good fun and I think will have popularity among teen girls. The cover is definitely cute and attention grabbing and the concept of a modern day teenage girl getting sent back to the middle ages, turned into both Cinderella and then Snow White is different and enjoyable. I think libraries would find this a popular choice amongst their teens.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

My Fair Godmother
Janette Rallison
Young Adult
Walker Books for Young Readers
January 2009


TruBlu93 said...

I just finished this one and it was pretty good. I did see the same transaction problems and after I finished the book I was like, Tristan and Hunter should have been on the cover instead, or even the Black Knight along with Savannah. It was a fun one to read though.

Staci said...

this sounds great!! I love your reviews. In fact I went back to September and ordered quite a few of the books you showcased for my middle school library. Thanks for doing such a professional job!!!

Lenore said...

I loved this book and didn't even mind the transitions or care who was on the cover. But yeah, listing this as middle grade? No way.

Em said...

I just finished this earlier in the week. It was fun and I laughed out loud in a few parts. That's always a good book indicator. :)