Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Odd Egg

Emily Gravett is one of those authors that make librarians sigh. We lovvvve the books she writes (seriously, she's one of my favorites), but there are always parents that check out Wolves and come back with complaints about how "tragic" or "terrifying" the ending is. And I can tell that as brilliant as The Odd Egg is, it will be the same story.

That being said, I still think every single librarian and mom should own ALL of Ms. Gravett's books. They are funny, contemporary, utterly sarcastic at times, and just plain brilliant, not to mention THE KIDS LOVE THEM!! As long as the kids love them, that's what counts Just be aware that someone out there will deem you evil, because innocent animals are harmed within the pages of her stories. :)

Now, The Odd Egg, Gravett's latest, is about a poor duck that is without an egg. All of his friends have eggs: Flamingo, Parrot, Chicken...but no egg for Duck. He (yes "he", now you know why there isn't an egg) finds an egg and thinks all of his problems are just solved instantly! It's a big, beautiful, if not a tad bit odd egg, but what does a little oddness matter? Unfortunately, Duck's "friends" still judge him, picking on his choice of an egg, until slowly that egg cracks. Out pops a creature that fixes ALL of Duck's problems.

I really did love this one and it reaffirmed my faith in the ever-fabulous Gravett! It's creative, the half-page flaps are interactive for kids, and I think it would make a fabulous read aloud, bound to get all of your kids cracking up. Definitely a must for your library shelves (and home shelves too)!!

The Odd Egg
Emily Gravett
Picture Book
Simon & Schuster
January 2009


Bridget said...

The story line reminds me of Susan Wittig Albert's _The Tale of Hawthorn House_ It is the 4th in her Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter mystery series. One of the story lines is what happens to Jemima Puddle-duck after she looses her eggs to the fox. She finds some other eggs and gets quite a surprise when they hatch.

Abby said...

We just got this one on our new book cart. I love it!

Jennifer said...

Ooh, thanks for mentioning the he/she thing! I loooved this when I got it in, but then had to put it on the new shelf and couldn't remember the genders when I went to review it! And I got them wrong! I think it was the whole knitting socks thing...