Saturday, February 28, 2009

Picture Book Extravaganza cont. Part 2

The Picture Book Extravaganza continues! I'll have six selections for you throughout the day today and two more tomorrow, that's ten total throughout the three days. Out of those ten, I certainly hope you all can find at least one that you and your family will love. Enjoy!

What a Good Big Brother, written by Diane Wright Landolf with paintings by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher is perfect for those kids with new siblings or who will be expecting a new sibling in the near future.

Cameron is a great big brother, always helping is mom and dad with his new baby sister, Sadie. Cameron watches as his mom and dad always fix Sadie's crying by changing her diaper, feeding her, or singing her bedtime songs, but one day, when Sadie just won't stop crying, Cameron steps in and fixes her himself, amazing his parents and showing just how much love he has for Sadie. Cameron doesn't mind when she cries, but he loves it when he can make her smile!

A very sweet, touching story about siblings, this one would be nice for one on one sharing with your child, especially if there is a new baby in the house or one will be coming along shortly.

What a Good Big Brother
Diane Wright Landolf
40 pages
Picture book
Random House
January 2009

Mommy, Where Are You?, written and illustrated by Leonid Gore is a very sweet look-and-find title, designed to be interactive as well as adorable!

Ozzy the little mouse wakes up one morning and can't find his Mommy. He looks all over for her, thinking he sees her everywhere, including behind a fence, up in a tree, and behind a rock, but each time it's not Mommy, but someone else (including one scary surprise!). After his searching, Ozzy is very scared and thinks he'll never find Mommy, which is....of course...right when she shows up!

Great for the toddler set, interaction is big in this cute little book. Kids can turn the specially designed pages and learn which creatures Ozzy thinks are his Mommy! The illustrations are nice and bold....I always like the bold colors.

Look-and-Find books, as well as pop-ups, and lift-the flaps don't often work great in a library setting, as pages get torn easily, but this is a great one for home!

Mommy, Where Are You?
Leonid Gore
32 pages
Picture book
March 2009

Bippity Bop Barbershop, written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley and illustrated by E.B. Lewis is a sweet story of a boy's first haircut, as well as that of a great father-son relationship.

Miles is out to get his first real haircut with his dad. Making a special day of it, the pair dress alike in blue jeans and gym shoes, head to the local bakery for goodies and then head on over to the barbershop. As the actual event gets closer, Miles starts to get a bit nervous about having someone cut his hair, especially because he just isn't sure what style would suit him.

After a bravery pep talk from his Daddy, Miles realizes he knows exactly what he wants. To look just like his dad!

A very nicely written story a boy and his father, Bippity Bop Barbershop really shows what a good relationship can be like. Combined with an additional topic, that of bravery, this would be a really nice selection for a one on one read aloud.

Bippity Bop Barbershop
Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
32 pages
Picture book
Little Brown
January 2009

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