Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Three great ones this week folks! Enjoy!

Birds is written by the amazing, fantastic, favorite-of-mine Kevin Henkes and illustrated by Laura Dronzek. So wonderfully simple that even your littlest ones are going to really be able to pay attention.

A tribute to all things birdish, we learn that birds are everywhere and can be in anything. Allowing children to use their imaginations, Henkes places birds in the clouds and compares birds all flying out of a tree at once to a giant SURPRISE!!!! Kids will have fun seeing birds in all the places they expect and in some places they don't.

An excellent, excellent book for some simple one-on-one time or for a story time read aloud. Pair with a bird craft, have kids make their own interpretations of crazy birds or have them pretend to be birds and draw what they see from the sky.

Kevin Henkes
Picture Book
February 2009

Princess Baby, Night-Night, written by the always-popular Karen Katz is the second book featuring Princess Baby. In this one, Princess Baby thinks she is certainly old enough to make her own descions, including her own bedtime. When her parents want her to go to sleep, Princess Baby is not the least bit tired and instead of following her parent's bedtime requests herself, decides her royal subjects..ahem...her stuffed animals, should follow them instead.

Very cute, sticking with Katz's normal style. Little girls will cheer everywhere, especially for the gold sparkly cover.

Princess Baby, Night-Night
Karen Katz
Picture Book
Schwartz & Wade
January 2009

My final book this week isn't coming out until May, but I thought it might be nice for you to pre-order, as it's destined to be verrry popular with your toddler boys.

Machines Go to Work, written and illustrated by William Low, is all about things that go, go, go. cement mixers, helicopters, fire trucks, and tug boats all take their place in this charming little book, complete with plenty of big fold-out pages, making the machines much better to see! Your little boys will love learning more about their favorite machines (and I'm sure some little girls will too) and the concept is short and simple, keeping it a fun activity book, rather than a sit down and listen book.

I know lots of little boys that would love this title and I'm sure you do too. Don't forget, it doesn't come out until May, but follow my link to Amazon to pre-order it. Sometimes you just want to look at cool, big, machines and this is the perfect book for that!

Machines Go To Work
William Low
Picture Book
Henry Holt
May 2009

To learn more about any books in today's post, click on the book covers to link to Amazon.

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Infant Bibliophile said...

Our little guy loves birds and transportaton, so I'll have to check those out for him. Thanks!