Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lucky Breaks review

So much buzz was created for Susan Patron's Newbery Award winning book, The Higher Power of Lucky, not just for the author's use of the word "scrotum" but also for not being entirely worthy of the honor. Now, I've had a lot of issues with past Newbery titles, but I absolutely loved The Higher Power of Lucky and thought it most definitely was worthy of its award. When I heard Patron was writing a sequel, coming back to the town of Hard Pan and all the characters I fell so in love with, I was definitely excited...and when it finally arrived at my door, adorable cover and all, I was charmed a second time.

Susan Patron, along with illustrator Matt Phelan, do indeed bring us back to the Mojave Desert and the town of Hard Pan, returning to the lovable Lucky, her dog HMS Beagle (that is definitely not a beagle), her newly adopted mom Brigitt, her friends Lincoln and Miles and all the rest of the gang. When Paloma, a girl Lucky's age shows up with some geologists, Lucky knows she has to impress Paloma, making the girl want to come back and be Lucky's friend. Her plan works, Paloma likes her, and the pair (along with Miles and Lincoln of course) proceed to get themselves into plenty of innocent trouble.

Though not quite as initially fabulous as the first, Lucky Breaks is still incredibly charming, especially with the adorable pencil drawings done by Phelan. These books are great for family read alouds, inducing giggles from kids and "awwws" from parents. I love them both and can't wait to see what else Ms. Patron has in store for her readers.

Oh and how I LOVE the cover of this...

I read this one for the Spring Reading Thing Challenge.

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Lucky Breaks
Susan Patron
192 pages
Middle Grade fiction

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Nona just finished reading this book too! Review will be posted in a couple of days. :)