Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miranda's Beach Day review

I needed a little "beachiness" in my day today, as it was quite chilly outside for New Mexico in March! By now, we're typically in the 80's during the day and I think it barely broke 55 today...something I usually like, but I was itching for a nice, warm, sunshiny book. Miranda's Beach Day was a very nice choice!

Miranda and her mother are going to spend a day at the beach. The sand is piping hot, the seagulls are flying, and the ocean is nice and cool. Miranda and her friends spot a hermit crab crawling across the sand and decide to build him a huge castle to live in, using the rest of their afternoon to construct the best sand castle they had ever seen, only to see it quickly washed away as the tide came in. Sad about her castle, Miranda's mom explains that she can build one another day for the crab, though the crab will always belong to the sea and the castle will always belong to the sand.

Author and illustrator Holly Keller has created a very nice "beachy" book in Miranda's Beach Day. Simple concepts will keep a child's attention and the very cool illustrations/collages are definitely eye-catching. In a note from the author, Keller's collage methods are explained.

A very nice library choice!

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

Miranda's Beach Day
Holly Keller
32 pages
Picture book
April 2009

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