Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review of the Day #3: Stargazer

I guess I've become addicted to vampire novels right along with the rest of the world. First it started with the Twilight series...then I read Evernight by Claudia Gray, then Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz (review to come), which I will most definitely be getting the rest of the series to, and now, I've read the sequel to Evernight, which I just LOVE!

If you haven't read Evernight and plan to, you may want to skip this review until you've read that one. Spoilers galore!

Stargazer picks up almost where Evernight left off. Bianca, now a sophomore, has embraced the process of slowly becoming a vampire and has let Lucas, her human, vampire-fighting love, go, knowing they can't be together. When Lucas sends her a letter, expressing his desire to see her, Bianca feels she has to go, still being in love with him, but not understanding how they can make it work.

While dealing with her Romeo-Juliet type romance, not to mention the strange new vampire characteristics she's taken on, Bianca is slightly overwhelmed. Oh and then there's the fact that a ghost seems to be haunting Evernight, searching for Bianca. Oh course there's that.

I enjoyed Stargazer much more than I enjoyed Evernight, definitely leaving me eager for a third installment. A thrilling page turner with just the right amount of scary aspects mixed with some romance to intrigue reluctant readers and vampire addicts alike. Great characters, a good story-line, good for libraries and vampire-book-collectors. :)

My only "complaint" is that of the "blood sucking" scenes that Bianca is involved in. Waaay more overtly sexual than they need to be. Other than that, a very enjoyable book!

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Claudia Gray
336 pages
Young Adult
March 2009

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Staci said...

I must read this series too!! Great review Amanda!