Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review of the Day #2: Sassy: Little Sister Is NOT My Name review

Ok, ok, so I judged a book by its cover. I did, I'm ashamed, but I did. When I got the book in my mailbox and saw Sharon Draper's name as the author, I admit, I did a double-take. Sharon Draper put out a book that is covered in glitter and has neon-clothed girls posing on it? Really? Sharon Draper? I believed Sassy was going to be fluff-filled, blah blah blah. Was I wrong? Definitely. My apologies to Ms. Draper for ever doubting her writing ability.

Sassy: Little Sister Is Not My Name, is an absolute delight from page 1. We meet Sassy Simone Sandord, a 9 year old youngest sister that is always being called Little Sister instead of Sassy. It's driving her crazy! Sassy will do just about anything to be recognized as a person instead of just a little sister and boy does she. This little girl is so filled with personality, color, brightness, and positivity, that you can't help but fall in love with her as she and her friends find new ways to make their boring lives more interesting and for Sassy to really become Sassy Simone Sanford, instead of just Little Sister.

I ended up adoring this little book for middle graders. Sassy is a fantastic role model for young girls, as she is true to herself no matter what others say, and always has a positive, optimistic outlook. And the Sassy Sack? What a brilliant idea! I need a Sassy Sack in MY life!! The marketers at Scholastic should sell a Sassy Sack with each book...I think it would do very well!

Again, my apologies for judging a book by its cover. Still not thrilled with it...I think glitter should be reserved for picture books, but that's just me. The story inside is wonderful and really, the cover does Sassy justice. Bright, bold, and happy! Sassy would be great for a series.

This is a great choice for a middle grade girl, for a library, or for home. Girls need more role models like Sassy!

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Sassy: Little Sister Is Not My Name!
Sharon Draper
112 pages
Middle grade fiction
March 2009


Laura said...

I am so excited for this book. And that's a cover I love to hate - can't stand it myself, but I know that it's going to drag in a whole bunch of girls who usually wouldn't read Sharon Draper's stuff. So I'm grateful for that awful, glittery cover.

Jennie said...

Glitter is a magnet for girls 2-6th grade. I could get them to read anything if a glittered up the cover.