Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Mini-Reviews and a bit of a rant

I read some series books this month, most of which have been reviewed countless times throughout the blogosphere, resulting in my "Mini-Reviews" feature. Just a quick synopsis and my thoughts on each title. Enjoy!

"The 39 Clues" series has appeared to be hugely successful so far. I had the chance to review books 2 and 3 this month, both of which had the same excitement and page-turning aspects as the first. In book 2, One False Note, written by Gordon Korman, brother and sister team Amy and Dan Cahill, along with their nanny Nellie are still traveling the world in search of the 39 Clues. Vienna and ultimately, Mozart, play a large role in this one.

Book 3, The Sword Thief, written by Peter Lerangis tkaes us to Japan in search of the third clue. The Cahill's Uncle, Alistar Oh, seems to be the only one that can help them locate this clue, but whether he is trustworthy or not is still yet to be determined. Lots of puzzles in this one, which makes it even more intriguing, resulting in some mind work as well!

I do have to make a complaint about The Sword Thief and though it may not be quite necessary, I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't state my thinking. The role of the "pit bull" in this third installment is absolutely horrible. I counted at least four instances where the kids were almost attacked by another team's pit bull or the dog was referred to as vicious or menacing (almost all of chapter6). Seriously? Haven't we moved on from this issue yet? I hate reading stories where a specific dog breed is stereotyped so badly that it takes my focus away from the plot and the characters and that is exactly what happened for me in this one. Not a happy camper here.

Book 4 is out in June and is being written by Jude Watson!

One False Note/The Sword Thief
Gordon Korman/Peter Lerangis
160/160 pages
Middle Grade
Dec 08/March 09

Ok, moving on...I also read the first two installments of the "Blue Bloods" series by Melissa De La Cruz. Love them! After falling in love with the Luxe series earlier this month, the combination of rich people and vampires is awfully intriguing and De La Cruz can write one heck of a story!

Blue Bloods introduces us to the huge group of Manhattan socialites that just happen to be vampires as well. The plot focuses on Schuyler, a member of a very important Blue Blood family and the last of her line. When the old group of Silver Bloods, destined to kill Blue Bloods, returns and begins killing off members of their elite group, Schuyler knows there is trouble brewing but has a problem convincing others of the same thing.

Masquerade, book 2, brings even deeper into the Blue Blood world, showing us how evil rich vampires can really be...and how innocent. We learn more about Mimi and Jack Force in this novel, as well as where Schuyler's only living relative stands in with the rest of the Blue Bloods. More awesome descriptions of clothes and houses and lots of silly material things (which make us love these books so much). Oooh and the cover is great! Very creepy!

This series holds just the right mixture of action, romance, supernatural, and rich teens. It's like The Luxe gone vampire.

Blue Bloods/Masquerade
Melissa De La Cruz
336/320 pages
Young Adult
April 06/May 07

To learn more about any of these books, or to purchase, click the book covers above to link to Amazon.

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Serena said...

great mini-reviews...have you read the latest in the blue bloods series: Revelations; I haven't read it yet, but its in the TBR pile.

De La Cruz also has another in that series due out in October: The Van Alen Legacy