Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Because I Am Furniture review

Abuse is such a difficult topic to take on for both middle grade and young adult novels. There are few authors that have taken on the subject and produced a truly successful piece of work that really conveys the emotions and pain the individual suffering abuse has faced. It's either too graphic, to difficult to read emotionally, or just lacking something important to bring out that character emotion. Unfortunately, this latest book I've finished, Because I Am Furniture, has fallen into that last category.

Though author Thalia Chaltas has created a very well written book, in poetry form, the emotions and overall storyline were just not getting to me in the way I wanted them to. Anke is our narrator and her father is the abuser. He does not, however, abuse her, he takes his beatings and sexual molestation out on her siblings, and in a strange way, this makes Anke feel left out. She may not want to be beaten on, but it would be nice if she was more than just a block of wood in the house, wanting just simple attention from her dad.

When she joins the volleyball team at school, she first uses it as only an escape from her home life, but soon she gains confidence in herself and her ability to play, resulting in a growth of personal confidence as well. As she learns to stand up for herself on the volleyball court, she also stands up for her family, against the man that is ruining all of their lives.

I guess I have to use the dreaded "b" word in describing this book. It was a bit boring. Though it had a great concept and a message that anyone being abused could stand to hear, it left me disinterested, just wanting to finish the last page and be done...I didn't need more of Anke's story once the book was over and that was a let down.

Disappointing, but that happens every once in awhile to every reader I suppose!

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Because I Am Furniture
Thalia Chaltas
368 pages
Young Adult
Viking Juvenile
April 2009

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice review. I'm sorry you didn't like it all that much. I actually enjoyed it a lot...it was the first full novel i've read in verse too so that was cool. :)