Monday, April 27, 2009

Cashay review

Well if you're looking for a bright, cheery novel...this is most definitely not what you're wanting. Sad, melancholy, and oh-so-true, Margaret McMullan has created a character that is living such a heartbreaking life, but her story is very true to what many young kids live with today. Cashay's story is speaking for the huge population of children that have siblings killed in drive-by shootings, parents strung out on drugs, and very little hope that they will ever get out.

Cashay is the main character of this short novel of the same name, a fourteen year old that has had to grow up way too fast. Her mother, once doing exceptionally well as a recovering drug addict, is back to her typical junkie ways after Cashay's little sister is shot and killed while walking home.

Cashay is taken under the wing of prissy Allison, a very white girl that has no idea of living a life in the projects, just as Cashay has no idea what life is like in a pretty apartment, riding in taxis, or what shopping for fun is. The pair teach each other a thing or two and Cashay works on healing and growing into her own, mature teenage self.

Definitely a biiiiig topic, but written in a simple, touching manner, Cashay is a book that a lot of teens will be able to relate to and the writing style will appeal to the reluctant readers out there. I was pretty impressed with the impact this short little book made.

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Margaret McMullan
176 pages
Young Adult
Houghton Mifflin
April 2009


Debi said...

Thanks Amanda, for another wonderful review of a book I'd never heard of. I would definitely love to read this one.

Staci said...

Sounds like a great book. I'm always looking for books that will touch off discussions and honestly so are the kids!