Saturday, April 25, 2009

A couple of fun books

It's already been a week since the read-a-thon and I haven't reviewed half the books I actually completed. Sigh. I'm never caught up with reviews, though I really, really do try!

As depressed as I am about the lack of reviews I seem to get written lately (maybe I'm just reading too fast), I have a couple of funny reviews for you all and it will help knock a couple off my read-a-thon review list. Both a funny and great for reluctant readers. Enjoy!

Kate Klise is such a wonderful author in so many ways. She and illustrator M. Sarah Klise worked on the "Regarding the..." series together, among a bunch of other things, which every kid at our library seems to love and I just got started on Deliver Us From Normal, which I have heard such rave reviews about but haven't yet read. Dying to Meet You is the first in the new series by both author and illustrator, called "43 Old Cemetery Road" and is in the signature style of letters/postcards/etc.

Disregarding all warnings, a grumpy old author moves into an abandoned (kinda) mansion, renting until he can complete the promised book his agent insists he has to write. Once he gets there, he discovers a young boy comes with the house, the author now his guardian, and the boy speaks of a ghost that "haunts" the home, running out every other potential renter the place has seen in years.

Through letters and drawings, the reader gets to know the author, Ignatiaus B. Grumply, Seymour, Seymour's cat, Shadow, and the ghost of Olive. The results of the group of residents are often hilarious, sometimes sweet, and the illustrations are fantastic. Simple!

I can see fans of "Spiderwick" picking this up, though it's a bit more on the funny side than the suspensful side. Definitely a recommendation for any reluctant readers, as it's both fun and fast. Very enjoyable!

43 Old Cemetery Road: Dying to Meet You
Kate Klise
160 pages
Middle grade fiction
April 2009

Though still in the middle grade realm, we're moving a bit higher in grade level as we come to the very cute, Freaky Monday, written by Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach. A follow-up to the ever-so-popular Freaky Friday, this title brings back the original author, with a fun new character and quirky plot

This time, it's not mother and daughter switching places, but rather teacher and student. Hadley is typically a great student, but she is always super-stressed and doesn't ever get to have fun like her older sister. Her English teacher, Ms. Pitt is one of those really cool teachers that thinks everyone should be on a first name basis and isn't much for structure.

Hadley and Ms. Pitt pretty much mix as well as oil and water, until they ultimately switch places...Hadley is looking through Ms. Pitt's eyes and Ms. Pitt is looking through Hadley's! The results are, of course, funny and fans of Freaky Friday won't be disappointed. Boy trouble, parent trouble, work trouble, homework trouble, it's all here and it's all handled in quite the unique way.

Though Freaky Friday is fabulous and probably can't be topped, Freaky Monday certainly makes a good effort. Middle grade girls will enjoy this and it's written in a face paced and fun manner for those reluctant to read for fun.

Freaky Monday
Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach
192 pages
Middle grade fiction
May 2009

To learn more about either of these titles, or to purchase, click on the book covers above to link to Amazon.

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Marcia said...

These are great reviews. You share more than a description of the book; you also share your enthusiasm for the stories and characters. Thanks!

Marcia Calhoun Forcki
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