Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2: Eco-Friendly Products

I mentioned in this post, how things in April are going to run, so if you want specifics click on the link and read all about it! There's a giveaway there too, so you might as well go on over!
As a brief overview though, I will be posting several eco-friendly products each day, trying to appeal to everyone. Each will be linked to my Amazon Associates account. Instead of keeping the revenue from these products, I will donate all of MY proceeds (not the entire cost of the item) to an Earth-friendly charity of choice. Leave me a comment stating that you ordered something and your name is in the hat for a drawing at the end of the month. Cool?

Here are today's products:

The Eco 200-pg. Journal. Less than $8.00 for a recycled paper journal. Can be used for logging all those books we want to read....

This may just be my new favorite product EVER! It's Eco Kids Eco-Dough. Earth friendly play-dough!!! It's only $22.00 for 6 tubs. 100% natural, made from fruit and vegetable dyes ONLY, completely compostable, no chemicals at all. This is perfect for craft time at the library or at home. Very excited about this product!

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