Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Week Book 2: Planet Earth's Guide to the Planet

I think the Planet Earth BBC series is pretty much one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Have you seen it?? Don't you LOVE it?! Educational, yet so entertaining. When I saw that Planet Earth had this book out (as well as some others) I was thrilled and love it as well.

Written by Matthew Murrie and Steve Murrie, the text in Planet Earth, Guide to the Planet is simple enough for younger kids, but with enough facts and info for older children to use in reports or for school projects. Covering a whole bunch of different areas of our planet including rainforests, oceans, deserts, great plains, etc., each different section has great info, neat little fact boxes, and amazing photographs that Planet Earth is so well known for. Oh the photographs are SO amazing!!

This book, as well as the others that Planet Earth has put out is absolutely perfect for libraries, as well as for home shelves. Your kids will be staring at the photographs before they can even read and the readers will find tons of cool facts to recite. I really love this book and think everyone else is going to as well!

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