Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Dog review..and a giveaway hint!

If I'm going to blog about any book this month, I NEED it to be First Dog. I have such a passion for rescuing dogs and hearing stories about animals no one wants finally finding the perfect forever home, and this little book...this wonderful, magnificent book, takes a current, real story in our country, and turns it into a beautiful, lovely picture book, perfect for little kids.

First Dog is written by J. Patrick Lewis and Beth Zappitello and illustrated by the magnificent Tim Bowers. In it, we find a dog, traveling the world to find the perfect home. Along the way, in Newfoundland, England, China, Russia, and many other countries, the dog meets lots of other dogs, each with different talents and qualities of their own, but no perfect home for himself.

After arriving back in the States after a very long journey, the dog sees a newspaper article, telling of a very special family that is looking for their "First Dog," leading the sweet animal to go searching for this special family, thinking maybe HE could be their First Dog. Does he find his perfect, forever home? Why yes he does!!

Being that President Obama and First Lady Michelle have promised their daughters a dog to live with them in the White House, this adorable, lovable story has perfect timing! The illustrations are beautiful, the dog just plain cute. Encouraging families to adopt a pet, rather than purchase is a great message sewn into a wonderful picture book. Absolutely one of my favorite stories of the year thus far.

The authors also encourage readers to visit to learn more about adopting pets from shelters. Fantastic!

I have a fabulous interview with the authors of this new favorite book of mine, being posted later on today. And with just maaaay find a giveaway of this book. Maybe even MULTIPLE giveaways of this book. Check back later on!

To learn more or to purchase (go buy this NOW), click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

First Dog
J. Patrick Lewis and Beth Zappitello
32 pages
Picture Book
Sleeping Bear Press
April 2009

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