Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If I Stay review

Beauty and tragedy go hand-in-hand in this tear-inducing young adult novel. Gayle Forman somehow manages to craft a remarkable story of hope, healing, and love, out of a horrific situation, and left me wanting more and more as the pages turned. I was sad when the story ended, but left with a smile on my face.

Mia is a seventeen-year-old in love with music, her family, and a boy named Adam. She is a genius at the cello, playing music with a talent far beyond her years, and if she can get into Juilliard, she is most certainly moving across the country. How could she not?

Her family, made up of her wonderful parents and younger brother, is incredibly close. Closer than most families Mia knows of, all of them getting along in a wonderfully quirky way, each having their own talents and being totally supportive of the rest.

Then they all die. Each one except Mia. And Mia is left in a completely broken state, unable to move, unable to talk. All she can do is watch herself as she is being worked on in an emergency room, in an operating room, and finally in an Intensive Care Unit.

Her Adam makes it to her, but does that matter anymore? Will anything ever matter anymore? Mia ponders these questions as she lays in a coma and the reader will feel all of her pain and emotion through the text...a difficult and rare accomplishment for authors.

I was addicted from the first page, cried several times throughout the book, and was left contemplating lots of life issues once I completed the final page. The cover is beautiful, the story moving and heartaching. Teens will love it, you will love it.

A nice choice for libraries.

I read this for the Young Adult Challenge.

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If I Stay
Gayle Forman
208 pages
Young Adult
April 2009


Jeane said...

It sounds very sad.

Amanda said...

Well, it is sad, but it's hope-filled too. More hope than sad. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the push to actually get it off my list and into my hands!

Melissa said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I recently added this book to my wish list. Can't wait to get around to reading it!