Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just One Wish review

Get out your hankies ladies and gentlemen, this one is a tearjerker! I knew I was in trouble when my ARC came with a package of tissues...even the publisher is telling readers their book will make us cry!

Just One Wish is written by Janette Rallison and is centered around a loving sibling relationship. 17 year old Annika would really do anything for her 6 year old brother Jeremy. Facing a terrible brain tumor surgery, Annika gives Jeremy one wish, thinking he'll wish for the Teen Robin Hood action figure she got up at 4am and fought off a crazy man at the store for. Instead, Jeremy wishes for Teen Robin Hood himself, and Annika is off on a turbulent Hollywood star stalking adventure, determined to get the actor that plays Teen Robin Hood to visit Jeremy before his surgery.

What Annika gets out of this entire adventure is a romantic relationship with Steve Raleigh, teen actor (even after all the stalking) and the intense admiration and love of her little brother. The book is sweet, teary, and has lots of funny moments, even if it is a bit unbelievable. Well...more than a bit. Overly sappy at times too, there are certainly a few flaws, but teens will get a kick out of the plot line...just make sure you supply tissue packs!

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Just One Wish
Janette Rallison
272 pages
Young Adult
Putnam Juvenile
March 2009


Amy said...

Sometimes a bit of sappiness is just what I'm looking for. :) Thanks for the review. And how cute that they sent tissue!

Staci said...

I loved the cover and now I know what the book is about will be sure to read it soon!