Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Mighty Fine Time Machine...completely adorable!

My favorite picture books tend to be those that make great read alouds and this one has definitely just been added to my list of favorites! A Mighty Fine Time Machine, written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom, is completely adorable, a fabulous read aloud, funny, and charming. Quite a good mixture I must say!

Building anything out of a box is hard work and Samantha the anteater is appalled when her friends, Grant the aardvark and Antoine the armadillo say they want to build a real, working, time machine! The friends take an old box and attempt to make the best time machine they possibly can. Their first try is unsuccessful, as they are still in present time. Their second try, after a bit of tinkering with the box and it's control panel is also unsuccessful. The boys start to get tired of trying to make an old box go back in time, so Samantha takes over...and creates the best time machine of all. One that really will take the friends back in time. What is it?? A bookmobile of course!

So, so charming! I think the writing was fantastic, the perfect amount of humor, and the illustrations added sweetness to the whole equation. Little kids will be giggling over Grant and Antoine's antics and Samantha is a wonderful, strong female character. I loved it!

Great for libraries or home shelves. No complaints at all!

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

A Mighty Fine Time Machine
Suzanne Bloom
32 pages
Picture Book
Boyds Mills Press
March 2009

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