Monday, April 13, 2009

Perpetual Check review

I know lots of librarians and parents out there need books for the boys in their lives, especially reluctant readers. Well, Rich Wallace has come out with a title that satisfies both the need for books with guys as their main characters, with an interesting, easy-to-read plot, AND it will appeal to your girls as well. Win, win situation here folks!

Perpetual Check involved two brothers, a pair that could not be more different, or more alike. Randy, a high school freshman is laid-back, relaxed, and often the brunt of his father's jokes. He's also a chess whiz. Zeke is a high school senior, soccer whiz, uptight, and his father's dream child. He is a chess whiz too. When the brothers enter a tournament and end up pitted against each other, they learn how much they are truly like one another and what really matters in their lives.

A colorful cast of characters support these brothers in their quests to win the championship and earn the affection of their father. I was particularly impressed by the subtle relationship descriptions and the power that literal brotherhood takes on. The cover is pretty cool too :).

Highly recommended for YA collections.

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Perpetual Check
Rich Wallace
128 pages
Young Adult
February 2009

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