Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Random books from the shelves this week folks! Enjoy!

My Mom is Trying to Ruin My Life is written by Kate Feiffer and illustrated by Diane Goode. This is one of those books that all librarians should have on-hand for a read aloud. Seriously hilarious stuff here!

A young girl describes exactly the way her mother (and then her father) try their best to ruin her life... and then what they would do if she ran away. As she rants and raves, the girl suddenly has a pretty eye-opening look into what life would be like if she didn't have parents at all!

Laugh-out-loud funny and great for a read aloud, especially if you can do sarcasm well. A perfect choice for older-kid story times and for home shelves. The illustrations are really cute and I love the pink and green color scheme. Highly recommended by moi!

My Mom is Trying to Ruin My Life
Kate Feiffer
32 pages
Picture book
Simon & Schuster
March 2009

Hello My Name is Bob, written and illustrated by Linas Alsenas is another great "sarcasm-ish" read aloud. Bob is a hilarious character that just made me giggle from page one (and the hubby really liked him too!), with his slow way of living and his love of all things quiet.

Bob and Jack are very different friends. Bob is quiet, Jack is not. Bob loves his quiet time, Jack does not. Bob really enjoys sitting, counting toothpicks...and more sitting. Jack likes to surf, explore...and be wild! Though the pair is totally different, Bob explains how they can be great friends by sharing their interests and time together.

Bob is written SO well! When reading this aloud I used a dull, mono-tone voice for him and a faster paced voice for describing Jack, which made my husband laugh...I'm sure if he laughed, kids will too! Very nice for teaching about different kinds of friends and that there is no right or wrong way to personalities. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Great for libraries and as a read aloud!

Hello My Name is Bob
Linas Alsenas
32 pages
Picture Book
February 2009

Finally, we have the charming A Walk in New York, written and illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino. Filled with fun facts about New York City, as well as a nice story, this would be a nice choice for those thinking of traveling with the family to the city and wanting to give their kiddos an introduction.

A father and son act as our tour guides, as they see the sights around New York City. Each destination includes a child-like description of the location and has a smattering of facts all around the page. Educational, yet simplistic enough for the little ones. We see the Empire State Building, the New York Public Library, Macy's, Broadway, and many other places, as the pair enjoys their trip into the city.

I loved that this was a learning experience within a picture book. Not so much that it would be called non-fiction, but there was still a bit more "meat" than a typical picture book. Very enjoyable and highly recommended for libraries.

A Walk in New York
Salvatore Rubbino
40 pages
Picture Book
April 2009

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Have a great Saturday!


Never That Easy said...

I'm definitely adding My Mom is Trying To Ruin My Life to our library list: Lil Girl and her big brother are suckers for books that make fun of grown ups. Thanks for the addition!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Just saw that Feiffer has also released "Which Puppy?" a presidential dog book, illustrated by her father, Jules Feiffer. Also wanted to add that my daughter really likes her book "Double Pink".