Friday, April 24, 2009

Poetry Friday: I Love Our Earth

What better book to choose during Earth Week than one telling us all the different ways in which to love our planet. A beautiful poem and fabulous photographs, along with a great message have made this book a true winner.

I Love Our Earth, written by the wonderful Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson with photographs by Dan Lipow. A very simple concept makes a huge impact in this perfect Earth Day title. Photographs of wondrous places on our planet, along with a snapshot of a child from those places accompany a poem as to why we love the Earth as we do. Some reasons are very simple (warm sunsets), some very grand (gray mountains rising).

The photography is beautiful (and what child doesn't like looking at photos of other kids?) and the text is so simple, yet puts across a great message. We should really love our Earth for everything it gives us, big or small.

A great choice for libraries!

I Love Our Earth
Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson
32 pages
Picture book
Charlesbridge Publishing
February 2006

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Serena said...

Another book that I would love given my penchant for poetry and photography...thanks for bringing this to my attention.