Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon Post 4: 1pm

Well, I didn't get quite as much reading done these two hours. The hubby came home, very tired from his garage sale doings and we had lunch. The aftermath of him getting up at 530 and working all morning, while watching the puppy is here:

The mini-challenge of the hour was to go take a walk, which I absolutely love doing anyways, so that was an easy one for me to complete. It's probably about 70 here in Southern NM, which is actually chilly for mid-April, but perfect for me! The sun is shining as always, leaves are already mostly sprouted on the trees and it's beautiful. Here is a picture:

So, unfortunately, as I just mentioned above, I live in Southern NM, meaning the only green you see is on the trees (and that's often a big maybe too). It's dry, brown, dusty, and mostly ugly. AND I live on an old military base that has stuck us in the oldest housing imaginable, so even the exterior of the houses is pretty dull. Oh well...2 months and counting until Virginia!

Now here's the actual book update:

Title of book(s) read since last update: still working on The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, which, by the way, is making me want to pee my pants. It's scary!

Number of books read since you started: 3 completed

Pages read since last update: 87

Running total of pages read since you started: 591

Amount of time spent reading since last update: 35 minutes

Running total of time spent reading since you started: (keep track of this one to be eligible for a prize!): 3 hours, 40 minutes

Mini-challenges completed: 3: Intro post, Visiting blogs, Take a Walk

Other participants you’ve visited: since the last update, 7

Prize you’ve won: 0


Tasses said...

The instant I saw your walk photo I thought,"Oh, she lives on a military base." It brought back such fond memories for me :-) Thanks!

(P.S. Husband retired USAF)

Amanda said...

I'm so sad that I missed the walk challenge. I was so caught up in my book that I didn't get on my computer at all during Hour 7. Ah well.

Once again, your page count is awesome!

Nise' said...

Great job on the reading! Love those puppies sleeping w/hubby.

Melissa said...

Love the pic of your hubby on the couch napping with the dogs... Nothing like a good nap!