Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sophomore Switch

An adorable YA novel if I ever did see one, Sophomore Switch has all the required elements to make a teen love it as well. A little bit of love, a foreign country, the beach, a fancy university, and two very real-to-life girls that are just trying to get done with school and move on in their lives.

Tasha and Emily really couldn't be more different. Tasha is the epitome of the "California Girl," more interested in boys, looking good, and partying that school, and most recently got caught hooking up with one half of a very famous couple in a hot tub, ruining her reputation and humiliating her to no end.

Emily is from England and attends Oxford, is totally uptight, dresses completely preppy, and ONLY cares about school and being organized. She most recently had her heart broken when a guy just couldn't deal with her controlling personality.

Both girls want a they switch places and lives. The outcome, though somewhat predictable, is at times hilarious, sometimes sweet, and the true showing of a friendship that came from differences.

Abby McDonald has written a book that has a true sense of reality. Emily and Tasha could very well be two girls out in the world right now. Their situations, their emotions, and their personalities are completely real (if not a tad bit stereotypical for their locations). The writing was great, everything believable, the locale descriptions amazing...I can definitely see teens enjoying this one.

Highly recommended for fans of Suite Scarlett or just good-old-fashioned-YA.

I read this for the Spring Reading Thing Challenge.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

Sophomore Switch
Abby McDonald
304 pages
Young Adult
March 2009

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