Monday, May 4, 2009

The Beef Princess of Practical County review

What a great title right? And what a charming, lovable book. Michelle Houts has created such a real character that all of us are going to fall in love with her...and cows. Be warned.

The Beef Princess of Practical County, written by Michelle Houts follows twelve year old Libby as she finally gets her chance to raise calves for the Practical County Fair. Her older brother has raised plenty and is fantastic at it, but now that he's gone off to college, it's Libby's turn to pick out her cows, take care of them for most of the year while they grow, and then enter them to be judged at the fair and ultimately be sold at auction.

Libby thinks she'll be great at raising the steers, she knows she will. Unfortunately, she doesn't plan on getting attached and as soon as she gives those calves names, she's done for. She can't imagine ever selling those steer at auction, sending them off to be slaughtered for her meat and she's determined to do something about it...all while preparing for the Beef Princess Pageant her mother insanely entered her into. She definitely doesn't want to be in the pageant, but now she doesn't even know if she wants to keep being a farm girl...

A FABULOUS book for middle grade girls, I really loved this one. Libby and those calves are just going to pull at your heart strings and seriously make becoming a vegetarian a possibility in your life. Such a creative plot concept with true-to-life characters, great emotion, and just enough funny moments to really melt your heart.

Highly recommended for libraries and for pre-teen girls. Fantastic!

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The Beef Princess of Practical County
Michelle Houts
240 pages
Middle Grade fiction
April 2009

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Jeane said...

It sounds like a book I would like! Have you read Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf? It's kind of similar.