Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deeper review

What a story. Seriously, while reading Deeper, I sometimes had to just take a step back and think about how awesome a story it was. Who THINKS of this stuff???

Deeper is the 2nd book in the series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, which began with Tunnels. It picks up pretty much immediately where Tunnels left off, with Will, his best friend Chester, and his little brother Cal trying to find his archeologist father in the depths of the Earth. Who knew such sinister beings lay below the surface? The threesome have suffered being beaten, almost killed several times, and chased by crazy creatures, and are really just fighting for survival their entire time underground.

In this edition, Will and Cal's biological mother begins to play a pivotal role, as do some new characters that pop up. Will and Chester's relationship grows and gets a more in-depth look and lots of plot points from Tunnels are further explained upon. Though much darker than its predecessor, I enjoyed Deeper a lot more than Tunnels, simply for its character development and true thrills and adventure. I didn't want to stop reading and that's always a good sign.

My one criticism is the length. At almost 700 pages long, some kids really just don't pick up these books because of their sheer size, especially if it's not a hugely popular series like Harry Potter or Twilight. I felt a bit of trimming could have been done in places, bringing the page count down a bit, which might make it more appealing to those reluctant to read in the first place.

Highly recommended for those that enjoyed Tunnels and for those that haven't yet started the series...START!

I read this for the Spring Reading Thing challenge.

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Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
656 pages
Middle Grade fiction
The Chicken House
February 2009


Charlotte said...

I will start, I will...It sounds like a great series. And isn't this the one that even before it was published was going to be the series that took the place of Harry Potter?

Tif said...

I've been wanting to read this one!! I enjoyed Tunnels and it definitely left you hanging at the end. I may just have to break down and buy it!! :)