Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jane in Bloom review

If you're in need of a little bit of a tearjerker with super shots of hope-filled moments, Jane in Bloom is the perfect book for this weekend. Written by Deborah Lytton, readers get to meet young Jane, a girl dealing with her sister Lizzie's severe eating disorder, and ultimately her death from the disorder.

When Lizzie dies from complications with anorexia, Jane is quite sure what to do anymore. Her parents separate, saying they need to be apart to figure out how to live together without their daughter, leaving Jane with a crazy (but wonderfully crazy) babysitter and a digital camera which becomes Jane's source of healing.

Through her lens, Jane can control exactly what happens in her world and she slowly begins to gain back her life...learning to live without her sister. With a new friend and a new puppy to focus on, Jane heals and grows, making her parents proud and the reader ecstatic.

I absolutely loved the inclusion of photography into this story and felt that it truly brought Jane's character to fruition. Though death is a large part of the plot, it takes a backseat to Jane's coming-of-age moments in a remarkable way, making hope more prominent than sadness. Not too many authors can pull it off as well as Lytton did.

I would love to see another book about Jane...I'm not expecting one, but it would definitely be a pleasant surprise!

A fantastic book for mature middle graders and the young adult age group. Great for libraries or home shelves.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

Jane in Bloom
Deborah Lytton
208 pages
Middle Grade Fiction/Young Adult
Dutton Juvenile
March 2009


Laughing Stars said...

I am always looking for good YA titles, and this one looks quite good. Thanks for the review!

Janssen said...

I've heard great things about this book - I'll have to pick it up soon.

Debi said...

Thanks again, Amanda, for introducing to yet another great sounding book!

Amanda said...

So glad you all enjoyed the review!!! Definitely head out and pick this one up!