Sunday, May 31, 2009

May's mini-reviews...mediocre reading

Well I've really enjoyed doing mini-reviews the past few months. It allows me to express my thoughts, briefly, on books I've read but don't have a huge amount to say about or have already been reviewed many times over throughout the blog-o-sphere and aren't in need of a whole lot more said about them. It's a good way to get some reviews off my list!

Unfortunately, this month, my mini-reviews are also my "mediocre" reads for the month. I have two adult titles and two for the younger genres. They weren't bad, they weren't great, just ok. Hopefully one or two will peak your interest though and you'll be able to enjoy them a bit more than I did.

Thanks for the Memories, written by Cecelia Ahern, follows Joyce, a young woman that receives a blood transfusion after an accident and begins seeing the memories of her blood donor.

A fun, whimsical fantasy concept, but the writing style made it slightly silly. And it dragged a bit in the middle for me. Not bad overall though. My favorite of Ahern's books is still P.S. I Love You...and unfortunately I don't think I've truly enjoyed another since that one years ago.

Thanks for the Memories
Cecelia Ahern
384 pages
Adult fiction
April 2009

Counter Clockwise, written by Jason Cockcroft had the potential of being a very engaging read, but fell short somewhere for me (though I've read other very positive reviews). Nathan is having trouble accepting the death of his mother after a bus accident...and then his father disappears too, leading Nathan on a goose-chase filled with time travel and Beefeaters. You'll have to read the story to find out what a Beefeater is. Hehe.

It had its exciting moments, but not enough to them to really pull me in. Middle graders enjoying adventure novels would probably go for it.

Counter Clockwise
Jason Cockcroft
208 pages
Middle Grade fiction
February 2009

Ok, so everyone knows the story of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Classic romance novel that everyone raves about right? No need for a story description, so here's my thoughts. I felt it was more than a bit boring, especially the beginning. I had the worst time getting through the first 50 pages! And the characters were slightly whiny (more than slightly at times) and unfortunately, when I finished it, I didn't see what the big deal was about.

I'm going to watch the recent movie made and see if I get more out of it, for now, I give the book an "eh."

I read this one for the Fill in the Gaps Challenge.

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
480 pages
Classic Adult fiction
December 2002

Finally, Alabama Moon, written by Watt Key, is one that SO many people have raved about over the past couple of years and one I was completely looking forward to finally getting my hands on. And it was good, just not that good.

10 year old Moon was raised by his dad in the deep woods of Alabama...raised to life off the land and the land only. When his father dies, Moon has a plan to try to get to Alaska to find more woods-people like himself, but when the law gets ahold of him and places him in a group home, Moon is determined to get back to the woods as soon as possible.

Definitely my favorite of these four, I think I wanted a little more of Moon's life with his dad before the trouble with the law begins. It just seemed like a few pages went by and his father was dead already. Just my opinion though, lots and lots disagree with me!

A nice adventure novel for boys though...I would definitely put this on my list to give to boys at the library.

I read this for the Fill in the Gaps Challenge.

Alabama Moon
Watt Key
304 pages
Middle grade fiction
September 2006

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KT said...

I'm so glad there is another female out there that doesn't get the hype surrounding Pride and Prejudice. I've never watched the movies, but the book did nothing for me!

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

If you're going to watch a screen version of P&P, I would recommend the 1995 A&E/Masterpiece Theater adaptation over the most recent one. It's longer and is more accurate to the book. I enjoyed the Keira Knightley version, too, but the one with Colin Firth is my favorite. (Full disclosure: I read the book after seeing both films and I think my enjoyment of the films made the book much more appealing.)

Amanda said...

Yes, KT, definitely don't get the hype. It was just boring!

Ruth, thanks for the tip...I'm usually not one for wanting to watch a movie made from a book, but this time I think it calls for that!

Brimful Curiosities said...

I think that Pride and Prejudice deserves more than an "eh." It was published during a different time and Austen's style of writing is different than what we're used to today. Her descriptions of country life, relationships, observations of human nature and her use of wry humor make the book so interesting. I especially loved the romance and clever dialogue between the characters. Surely you enjoyed parts of it? :)

By the way, just a warning that the the wonderful A&E version is quite lengthy...around 5 hours long. However, I must agree that Colin Firth makes the perfect Mr. Darcy.

Amanda said...

Brimful Curiosities, I did enjoy the wit and subtle humor mixed in with the romance, but I guess I just didn't get what all the hype over the book is about. It still just gets an "eh" from me...I was bored throughout and for me, that just doesn't make for a great book.

I know that lots and lots of people just rave over the book though and absolutely love all aspects of it, I'm definitely not trying to downplay anyone's love of it, just little-ol'-me giving my own opinion!