Friday, May 1, 2009

The Mousehunter review

When looking for a book that falls between the age range of middle grade chapter book and young adult novel, The Mousehunter would be a great choice to pick up. Easy to read, filled with adventure, and a bit longer than your average middle grade title, Alex Milway has created a book and a character in Emiline, that kids are really going to enjoy.

Emiline is a mousekeeper. And although being a mousekeeper is a rather prestigious position in her city, collecting mice for the wealthy, leaving them to trade and collect at their own will, Emiline isn't great at her job. Wanting to someday take on the coveted position of actual mousehunter, Emiline joins a sea expedition to catch the pirate, Mousebeard, and really gain a name for herself, all while keeping her pet mouse safe.

A bit of irony and lots of thrills, The Mousehunter is a huge book of adventure! It's predictable at parts and sometimes a little too convenient in the plot flow, but overall a really nice, adventurous, thrilling story. With a fabulous girl heroine!

And don't let the large page number turn you off (or your kids), it's a fast read and would make a great family read aloud.

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The Mousehunter
Alex Milway
448 pages
Middle Grade fiction
Little, Brown
February 2009

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Debi said...

Sounds like another one I would adore! And then maybe I'll let my kids read it, too. ;) Actually, you're does sound perfect for a family read-aloud.