Saturday, May 9, 2009

Picture Book Saturday: Being Different

Lots of fun books today folks, all centering around the idea that being "different" is just fine. I've read all of these just this week and truly enjoyed each one. Hope you find something that appeals to you!

The first thing a great book needs is a fantastic title and author Bill Cochran does not disappoint in that area with My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts about Me. Great title huh? And the story definitely lives up to it.

A fabulous choice for children with divorced parents, this title follows a boy that basically describes his life. His parents being divorced is just a quality about certainly doesn't mean he's weird. And the fact that he sleeps with one sock on, gives his elbows nicknames, pretends to be a chicken when he answers the phone, or eats spaghetti sauce out of the jar doesn't make him weird either. That's just the way he is!

With great illustrations by Steve Bjorkman, this picture book is a great resource for parents about to get a divorce or that already are. The integration of humor and the explanation of having two different homes and being just a bit different is perfect, making for a fun, yet comforting book.

My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts about Me
Bill Cochran
32 pages
Picture Book
June 2009

Adios Oscar! A Butterfly Fable is written and illustrated by Peter Elwell takes on being different in the physical sense. Oscar is a caterpillar and when he learns he's going to turn into a butterfly someday, he is overjoyed! He and his friend Edna begin making plans for their butterfly lives by researching Mexico, the place where they want to relocate with the rest of the beautiful butterflies they know.

When Oscar goes through his metamorphosis and turns out to be a moth, rather than a gorgeous butterfly, he is devastated and thinks his plans for Mexico are dashed. He couldn't possibly go with all the beautiful butterflies to an exotic land when he looks like a boring old moth could he??

A nice story about both being different, as well as a metamorphosis process and the back includes some nice facts about butterflies and moths, making it a useful classroom book as well.

Adios Oscar!
Peter Elwell
32 pages
Picture Book
The Blue Sky Press
April 2009

Pink! by Lynne Rickards, illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain is the ultimate of "it's ok to be different" books. When a very-much-boy penguin turns pink one day, he is embarrassed, humiliated and afraid he no longer fits in with his black and white penguin family and friends. In search of a place where he does fit in, Patrick swims all the way to Africa to go live with the pink flamingos.

Quickly, Patrick finds out that he really doesn't fit in with the flamingos at all and swims all the way back home, where he is met by his very-impressed friends. He swam ALL the way to Africa!! Being different wasn't quite as bad as Patrick thought.

Another cute selection, this would make a nice read a loud or a great choice for those kids that just love PINK!! (Like ME!).

Lynne Rickards
32 pages
Picture Book
The Chicken House
January 2009

And my final choice of the week is by one of my all-time favorite picture book authors, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, with illustrator Scott Magoon. Known for Little Pea (my favorite) and Little Hoot, Rosenthal has cooked up another adorable story of someone that hates being different from his friends, Spoon.

Spoon is bummed about being a spoon. He doesn't get to cut or spread like Knife or go everywhere like Fork. And he certainly isn't exoctic like Chopsticks. Being a Spoon is just SO boring. When his friends are actually jealous of all the cool things Spoon gets to do, like diving headfirst into a bowl of ice cream or measuring stuff, and his mom explains all the cool things he DOES get to do, Spoon starts to realize that his life of being different is actually pretty neat.

You have to go get this book to read the last page...I could NOT stop laughing!! And Magoon did a fabulous job with facial expressions. Any fan of Little Pea or Little Hoot will really enjoy this one. And Little Pig comes out soon!

Amy Krause Rosenthal
40 pages
Picture Book
April 2009

To learn more about any of these titles, or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.


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Michelle said...

Interesting selection of books. Spoon especially sounds great. One I think I'd enjoy reading to my children.

My son's favourite colour is red so whenever someone asks him would you like a balloon (or whatever) and there aren't any red balloons, he'll always go with the closest colour to red he can find. Which is pink. And he gets a bunch of funny looks when we're out in public and he shouts 'PINK! PINK! I WANT PINK!' because boys aren't supposed to like pink. It's a little sad. I just thought I'd share that.