Saturday, May 2, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy (illustrations by Poly Dunbar) is one of those must read-aloud books that are going to have your story-timers rolling on the floor YOU! One big long rhyming tongue twister, readers learn how Mabel's bubble gets away from her, with her baby brother inside. Mabel, her mother, and the rest of the town must figure out a way to safely get him down, which results in some pretty hilarious stunts!

With verses like:
"Abel quietly aimed the pebble past the steeple of the chapel, at the baby in the bubble wibble-wobbling way up there. And the pebble burst the bubble! So the future seemed to fizzle for the baby boy, who grizzeled as he tumbled through the air"

can you not imagine how hard this would be to read out loud? Which is exactly what makes it so much fun! After reading the first two or three pages, you get into the rhythm of how the stanzas should be read (there's a definite flow) and if you read it fast enough, your kiddos are going to love it!

It will take some practice for sure, to make sure you don't stumble, but I could just picture all of the story time attendees giggling at Miss Amanda stumbling over the tongue twisters. SO MUCH FUN!

Bubble Trouble
Margaret Mahy
32 pages
Picture Book
Clarion Books
April 2009

Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet! is written and illustrated by Joe Berger and definitely fills the role of "silly" read. All Bridget really wants is a real, live pet...well, she really wants a unicorn, but a penguin would do. Or even a mouse. And when a huge box arrives at her door, Bridget just knows that it holds the perfect pet for her. Unfortunately, what she finds in the box is a bit disappointing at first, but quickly turns to wondrous!

Very cute and adorably illustrated, Bridget Fidget is one of those characters you can't help but love. Slightly reminiscent of Clementine, the reader can just tell she is a huge handful...but so sweet and lighthearted. A very enjoyable read!

Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet
Joe Berger
32 pages
Picture Book
June 2009

Now who didn't just LOVE Library Mouse? Well our lovable friend Sam is back in Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale, pencil in hand! Author/illustrator Daniel Kirk has once again proven that mice can be author's too...and have friends!

Sam gets a writing pal in this follow-up to the popular Library Mouse, in a boy named Tom. Tom is left without a partner in his class's book-writing assignment and quickly becomes formerly-anonymous Sam's partner, completely by accident! The pair write and illustrate together, though Sam is still very shy and does not want his identity revealed. Tom knows a great friend when he sees one and keeps Sam's secret, leaving room for ANOTHER Library Mouse book on the horizon!

Adorable is the key word for this book! I love Kirk's illustrations, he really makes the pages come alive, and the story is wonderful as always. I loved seeing some of my favorite book titles drawn into the pages too...that was cool!

Another great library pick!

Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale
Daniel Kirk
32 pages
Picture Book
March 2009

My final pick for this week is another funny one...Paula Bunyan written by Phyliss Root and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley.

Now, we've all heard the story of the huge Paul Bunyan, but never before has the story of his sister been told! Paula is "tall as a pine tree, as strong as a dozen moose, and could run so fast that she once ran all the way back to yesterday." And she LOVED to sing. Badly.

When Paula decides to head to the North Woods she finds adventure, new friends in bears, moose, and wolves, and plenty of room to sing her heart out. Unfortunately, she also runs into loggers cutting down her precious woods and is determined to devise a plan to get them out of there and leave her friends and trees alone! A bunch of giant north-country mosquitoes should do the trick!

A fun spin on a classic tale, Paula Bunyan was a blast to read! And the illustrations were very "antique-ish," which really set the mood for some good old fashioned story telling!

Paula Bunyan
Phyllis Root
32 pages
Picture Book
Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux
March 2009

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Thanks for spending Picture Book Saturday with me!

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