Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Book Saturday

3 great titles for you all this week!

First up, we have the book all parents of toddlers are desperately in need of. I Can Do It Myself, written by Diane Adams and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi is a sweet little story about Emily, a very big girl that doesn't like it when her mommy tries to help her. Emily can peanut butter her own bread, fold her own clothes, and tie her own shoes and does NOT want her mom's help at all.

When it comes to bedtime, Emily can do all of the things necessary to get ready for bed, but when shadows creep on the walls in the dark, sometimes it's nice to let mommy give some comfort and read a story. After all, doing things all by herself isn't always fun!

A very sweet story with wonderful illustrations, I Can Do It Myself would make a nice one-on-one story with mommy (or daddy) and their little one...especially for those at toddler age.

I Can Do It Myself
Diane Adams
32 pages
Picture Book
Peachtree Publishers
March 2009

Big Cat Pepper, written by Elizabeth Partridge and illustrated by Lauren Castillo, is a great example of a book to explain the death of a pet to a young child.

Big Cat Pepper has always been a big part of the family, but lately he hasn't been acting right. He doesn't want to eat and seems to sleep all the time...and Mama says he might die.

The kitty does pass away and the boy experiences his beloved pet's death in a safe, secure environment with his parents explaining everything very nicely. I felt the illustrations were done extremely well, the subject matter was written appropriately for a young child, and the book would make a nice selection for libraries.

Big Cat Pepper
Elizabeth Partridge
32 pages
Picture Book
May 2009

The Little Green Pea, written by Alison Barber and illustrated by Paige Keiser is an absolutely adorable story of dreaming big (and throws in a little eco-info too)! A little green pea lives in a row of 53, but dreams of becoming a tree someday. All of the other peas know better...they know what will become of them, but the little green pea is determined to be something more than just a part of a dish.

When the little pea is plucked...and indeed headed for a dinner table he uses his quick wits to get out of the bucket. However, what happens next is very unexpected AND we get a cool visitor to the story. I don't want to give too much away!

A cute choice for libraries and a nice storytime read aloud.

The Little Green Pea
Alison Barber
32 pages
Picture Book
Sleeping Bear Press
May 2009

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