Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Practical Guide to Faeries review

I'm sure if you have a tween or teen reader at home, they've had some contact with books about faeries by now. Faeries are allll the rage at our library...books are flying off the shelves that have anything to do with the faerie realm and I've actually read some pretty decent faery books myself lately. The latest book to cross my path is a charming addition to the New York Times best-selling "A Practical Guide To" series. In this case, a guide to Faeries.

The guide has been compiled by a very special Faerie: Pip Puddlejump Impirae Pioneer Playful Prankster Panishee to be exact. And Pip gives the reader absolutely everything one would need to know to be "in" with faeries. From how to attract them, learning their language, and what actually makes a faery to life inside the faery world, tips on finding their enemies, and magical faery items.

Beautiful illustrations accompany very accurate charts and tips. I especially loved the page on how to bait a faery. Pip explains that it would hurt a faery's feelings if you baited and caught them without a very good reason, but he wanted to give you the tips just in case.

Overall a very cute, charming book that will thrill those fans of the "ology" books and the other "Practical Guide to" books. The artwork is beautiful and the content will definitely please.

To learn more or to purchase, click on the book cover above to link to Amazon.

A Practical Guide to Faeries
Susan J. Morris
80 pages
January 2009

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