Sunday, June 7, 2009

48 Hr Read-a-thon, Post 8

Now, it's 1am and I'm done for the night. It truly was a long day of much-enjoyed reading and raising money, but my poor little eyes just won't stay up any longer. I have until 7am to finish, so I plan to get back up around 530 and see if I can pound out another 1.5 hours. We'll see!

I finished book 10, Dandelion Fire (phew that was a long one) and am almost done with book 11, The Leisure Seeker (2nd adult title of the challenge). I'm hoping to finish that one completely in the morning.

A final write-up of times will come tomorrow...

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Abby said...

Wooo! Awesome job, Amanda! I'm heading into Day 2 here, so we'll see how much I can get read today.