Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be Hopeful review

I really enjoy doing individual Bible studies, especially when the study is of a book in the Bible that is not necessarily the most "popular." Warren W. Wiersbe has a wonderful "Be" series and this past week I used his Be Hopeful, a study on 1 Peter. Most of these have been previously published, but I wasn't aware of them until recently, as they are all coming back out in revised editions.

I started the book/series on the perfect day, as we had returned from church the previous day after a sermon on positive attitudes. 1 Peter really teaches us the power of a positive attitude and how Wiersbe's study book expands on Peter, allowing the reader to "make the best of times out of your worst of times."

Done in chapter form with the ability to use the book for personal study/reflection or in a group setting, I found the short, but to the point layout wonderful and the information presented to be well integrated with scripture, not just from Peter, but from other books in the Bible as well.

Be Hopeful is the not the first Wiersbe study I've done and it certainly won't be the last. If you're looking to expand your knowledge on a book or a subject, this is really a great series. You can buy each paperback book for around 12.00 (for the new, revised editions) or I've seen the entire "Be" series in one big book, though I'm not sure what that one costs.


Laughing Stars said...

This is a good way to do Bible study -- focusing on one book and one theme. I always read your reviews, even though I don't always comment. :-)

Amanda said...

Thanks for reading!!! Don't worry about not commenting, I am always bad at responding to them!