Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bilingual Picture books

I have a couple of bilingual picture book selections for you today. Living in New Mexico, and especially Southern New Mexico, where the Spanish language is heard just as often as English, bilingual books for kids are SO important, but so few and far between. These are two I'm sure will be added to the local library collection...nice stories and done in both English and Spanish.

A Walk with Grandpa (Un paseo con abuelo) is written by Sharon K. Solomon and illustrated by Pamela Barcita. It follows a grandfather and his granddaughter on an enjoyable walk through the woods while playing their favorite word game. Grandpa says Daniela is his earth and she says he is her sky. He says she is his summer and she says he is her winter. And on and on it goes while they spend the day in the woods.

The pair skip rocks, pick flowers, see lots of wildlife and just watches nature for awhile, making for a wonderful afternoon for the both of them.

Beautifully illustrated, the soft colors add to the sweet story nicely.

The story is told in English, with the Spanish translation directly below.

A Walk with Grandpa (Un Paseo con Abuelo)
Sharon K. Solomon
32 pages
Picture book
Raven Tree Press
May 2009

Beautiful Moon (Bella Luna) is written by Dawn Jeffers and illustrated by Bonnie Leick. In it we meet a charming girl that wishes she had more time in each day. When she meets the moon one evening, she is given the opportunity to pull back the sky for more time with the sunshine...more time to play, run, eat, and enjoy the day. Soon, however, the girl sees all the trees and flowers drooping, the grass turning brown, and realizes that night time is the time for rest and renewal. That if the day lasted all the time, we wouldn't have any energy or appreciation for it.

With exquisite illustration (oh her EYES!!) and a sweet, simple story, Beautiful Moon is a nice choice for a bedtime story.

Again, English words on top, Spanish on the bottom. Easy to help new-to-Spanish readers or new readers.

Beautiful Moon (Bella Luna)
Dawn Jeffers
32 pages
Picture Book
Raven Tree Press
May 2009

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