Sunday, June 7, 2009

Escape Under the Forever Sky review

It's always nice to read stories about other parts of the world, especially through an American's perspective. Cheap travel!! With Eve Yohalem's upper middle grade/ya selection, Under the Forever Sky, we get to travel to Ethiopia with Lucy, the thirteen-year-old daughter of the American ambassador to the country.

Lucy is sick and tired of being under her overprotective mother's thumb all of the time and is yearning to get out and do some things on her own. Being the daughter of an American ambassador certainly has its perks, but Lucy is just ready for some freedom!

On a trip (supervised by a bodyguard of course) to her best friend's house, she manages to be sneaky, allowing she and her friend to spend an afternoon all to themselves. When the unthinkable happens, Lucy being kidnapped, the girl must use her smart mind and her courage to find her way back to her mother, without being killed.

According to the jacket flap, this is inspired by a true story and definitely has a nice amount of suspense and intrigue, in addition to the exotic location. Lucy is a great female lead character, a wonderful role model for teen girls, and the premise of the story is unique and enjoyable.

A quick read, recommended for library shelves.

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Escape Under the Forever Sky
Eve Yohalem
224 pages
Young Adult
Chronicle Books
April 2009

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