Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Mini-Reviews

A few quickie reviews for you all...books I've read throughout the month and want to say a thing or two about, but don't have enough to say that requires a full review. A lot of times these mini-reviews are because a book has been on the shelves for years and lots of other bloggers have had a lot to don't need me saying more, just my opinions! Some of these are challenge books, others, not.

First, Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock was one I read for the 48 Hour Read-a-thon and was just as cute as everyone said! Filled with a bit of romance, lots of down-to-earth characters, and location I feel very close to (I grew up with a farm in my backyard), I really enjoyed this one and look forward to reading the next two in the series.

Dairy Queen
Catherine Murdock
288 pages
Young Adult
9780618863358 (paperback)
June 2007

The Leisure Seeker, written by Michael Zadoorian was one I had on my list for the Fill in the Gaps Challenge. An elderly couple, she with terminal cancer, he with advanced Alzheimer's Disease, decide to take one last vacation together and hop in their RV, hitting the road on the way to Disney Land. Obviously lots of craziness ensues!

A unique story with lots of laugh-out-loud moments, but definitely touching, inspirational, though a bit sad (not in a bad way). The book moved a bit slow, and although the comment on the cover says you'll get to the end and say 'Oh my God,' I saw the end coming...but it was worth it.

The Leisure Seeker
Michael Zadoorian
288 pages
Adult Fiction
William Morrow
January 2009

Though I absolutely loved Lurlene McDaniel when I was younger, I think some of the depressing story obsession has gone away in recent years. All of the books are short, sad, melancholy stories and Breathless was no exception.

Travis Morrison has finds out he has cancer in his bones and ultimately needs his leg removed, ending his future career as a championship diver. As the illness progresses, he asks his friends to help end his suffering, thus giving them a huge moral dilemma to deal with.

A quick read that teen girls will still probably go nuts over, Breathless didn't do a whole lot for me. I did enjoy the controversial topic of euthanasia, but it felt like the same book I've been reading from McDaniel for the last 15 years. Oh well.

Lurlene McDaniel
176 pages
Young Adult
May 2009

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