Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let Go review

Let Go: Live Free of the Burdens All Women Know, written by best-selling author and Women of Faith speaker, Sheila Walsh is going to be a book I'm constantly recommending to my women friends from now on. This book is such an eye-opening, comforting read for Christians and an encouragement for those non-believers.

Through this book, Walsh wants women to "live free of the burdens all women know," by using the word of Jesus to help let go of "stuff" we've been holding onto. She breaks up this goal into chapters, each focusing on a typical part of a woman's life that is difficult to let go of. Whether it be living in the past, a forgiveness issue, loneliness, bad relationships, etc. she covers it all and does so in such an incredible way, you'll honestly feel like a friend is just having a conversation with you. I can't imagine that is a simple task to accomplish for any author, especially those of self-help books, but Walsh comes across as a good friend rather than someone preaching to you about how to best get your life on track.

Personal examples and accounts from other women help to solidify the message in each chapter, with lots of Scripture woven throughout the pages as well. There are also a few discussion questions and a prayer at the end of the chapters, in case you're reading it with a group, though the discussion questions can also be done as a devotional. That's how I used it. Not only will you be encouraged to help yourself get out of a rut, but you'll also learn more about the Lord's word in the process.

My favorite chapter was probably "The Trap of Unforgiveness," in which Walsh looks at how forgiveness is portrayed in the Bible and just why it's so hard for us to forgive each other throughout our lives. The manner in which she writes about not letting the hurt someone dealt you sit with you for the rest of your life (holding grudges), hits home and I believe that each person reading the book will take something incredibly personal away from it.

I've never read a book by Walsh before this, but you can bet I'll be reading more of her very soon. I highly recommend this for libraries, as gifts, and as a permanent fixture on your bookshelves.

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I read this one for the Fill in the Gaps challenge.

Let Go
Sheila Walsh
224 pages
Christian Non-Fiction
Thomas Nelson Publishing
February 2009

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