Saturday, June 27, 2009

Picture Book Saturday: Pigs!!

I have three adorable picture books to showcase this week, all surrounding the subject of PIGS!!

My first choice is by one of my all-time favorite picture book authors, Amy Krause-Rosenthal, who, together with illustrator Jen Corace, has brought another "Little" to the cute series of books. Little Oink (joining Little Pea and Little Hoot), features a pig that is entirely sick and tired of being messy. All he wants to do is be clean like all of his friends!!

Unfortunately, mom and dad won't allow Little Oink to go out and play until he properly takes part in "mess-up time." He has to mess up his room, change his clean clothes to dirty ones, unfold his clothes, etc. How mean are those parents?!

Kids will love the nature of this story and soon you'll be having the little ones asking if they too can make a mess like Little Oink! Very cute! A wonderful addition to the series!

Little Oink
Amy Krause-Rosenthal
36 pages
Picture Book
Chronicle Books
April 2009

Being a Pig is Nice: A Child's-Eye View of Manners, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Dan Krall, is another silly book for this week. A little girl explains how kids are always being given manners to follow and goes on to tell us readers how EASY it is to be a pig, a snail, an elephant, and lots of other animals. Lots of messes are perfectly fine, muddy hands are great, being slow is normal, etc. Until she realizes that being polite and having manners might not be so bad after all.

Very cute with silly illustrations (the snails are adorable) and a nice message. Manners are given for a reason!

Being a Pig is Nice: A Child's-Eye View of Manners
Sally Lloyd-Jones
40 pages
Picture Book
Schwartz & Wade
May 2009

My final "pig" selection this week, is by the ever-popular Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Tim Bowers. Princess Pig is another laugh-out-loud funny book with great illustrations, making for another good read aloud selection.

When Pig wakes up from her nap with a Princess sash around her head, she is convinced she has been named a Princess, refusing to do any of her regular duties and bossing around all of her fellow farm animals. When Pig learns that Princesses don't eat slop and they certainly don't roll around in the cool mud, she begins to reconsider her position.

From beginning to end, this is a sweet, funny story, again, with fabulous illustrations. And I just LOVE Pig's crown made of a teacup. How cute is that?

Great for storytime read alouds and home shelves.

Princess Pig
Eileen Spinelli
40 pages
Picture Book
June 2009

To learn more about any of these titles, or to purchase, click on the book covers above to link to Amazon.

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