Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Secret Life of Prince Charming review

Deb Caletti puts out fabulous books. She just does...simple as that. I love that her covers are all kinda consistent, even if the stories have nothing to do with one another and I love that her characters all have this real-to-life aura that they give off, making the reader feel as if a friendship between reader and character has been formed. It's always a nice feeling to pick up one of these books, and The Secret Life of Prince Charming was no exception.

After years of listening to her mother bash men and then being dumped and heartbroken by the one guy she thought she could trust, Quinn has had enough. She knows that her father is pretty much a loser, even though she still stays at his mansion every other weekend with her little sister, completely aware of how many women he has "gone through" over the years and how many hearts HE has broken. When she discovers that his room filled with art and other cool objects her dad claims to have collected in his travels around the world is actually a room of personal items he has stolen from each woman he dated, Quinn is disgusted and furious with her dad.

Being dumped was the last straw and Quinn decides she needs to make amends to the women her father destroyed. She and her little sister Sprout, along with Frances Ann, another of her father's daughters, set out to return each item to it's rightful owner, learning stories about love, life, and loss all along the way.

An incredibly cool plot with really great characters, this was another winner for Caletti. A definite recommendation for any fan of her previous work or fans of Sarah Dessen. Recommended for libraries as well.

I read this one for the Spring Reading Thing challenge.

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The Secret Life of Prince Charming
Deb Caletti
336 pages
Young Adult
Simon Pulse
April 2009

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K said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I've never read this author before but i think i'll add this one to my list.
I really liked your review