Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eyes Like Stars Blog Tour

Let's not beat around the bush. THAT COVER!!! Drool. Double drool. What a lovely, gorgeous cover for a book that, when opened, delivers just as well as the first impression. Lisa Mantchev has created this totally unique concept, expanded it with cool, well-written characters, and paired it with, again, a brilliant cover. Teens are going to be drooling, just as I was.

Bertie Shakespeare Smith is an outsider. Having grown up in the theater, surrounded by all the characters of the famous plays of history, she has built up a strange sort of family, but they aren't her real family and Bertie has made that known by consistently playing pranks and causing trouble around the theater her whole life. When the Theater Manager decides that Bertie is not contributing to the theater and must leave unless she comes up with her own method of bringing something to theater life, Bertie decides to become a director and put on her own, play, recreating Hamlet. Easier said than done when dealing with characters that already know their roles, having been born to play them.

Throw in some romance with a minor character from the Little Mermaid, some hilarious fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream, and, of course, an enemy (who happens to be from The Tempest) and Mantchev has given us readers quite the unique and fun-to-read story. Bertie is a spunky character, always having something quick-witted to say, and the fairies are SO funny! Teens will really enjoy Eyes Like Stars and will probably be looking to Mantchev's next book as soon as they finish this one.

To learn more or to purchase, follow this link to Amazon.

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